Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Mindless Media Conversations: Saving Money

Sensitivity Trainer: So now I have savings… what am I supposed to do with it? I’m just supposed to continue to hoard money?

Corporate Cog: Yes. Save money. And then when you need money, you have money. You’re supposed to pick something you want and save to get it. And then when you get it, you’re happy for 1hr-1wk depending on what it is and then you’re miserable again.

ST: Is that how it works? That’s weird. I still owe money. I have to save money and owe money at the same time. Mind boggling.

CC: Right, well you won’t have enough money for what you want. You’ll only have some…even after you keep saving. At which point you will have to borrow even more money to get what you want.

ST: So I need to set a goal and save money to get to that goal. I want a career, and my self-respect back… how many more birthday checks until I save enough for that?

CC: Self respect is going for about half a mil these days.

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