Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why Poor People Like St. Patrick's Day

Now that the financial stresses of the holidays are safely behind us and we have 9 months before we have to start re-gifting our kitchen appliances, we have time to enjoy the 1st of the year’s holidays that is centered around a simple hedonistic pleasures.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Have a beer!

And who knows how to party better than poor people? That's right, rich people. At any rate, here are the top 10 reasons why poor people like St. Patrick's day (not including ones as obvious as dressing your dog in green plastic leis and sunglasses and putting him on a little cart with an Irish flag on it - Duh).

10) Half finished discarded beer bottles
9) Face-paint
8) Non-judgment for being drunk at work all day
7) Getting use out of that one green shirt you keep pulling out of the Salvation Army pile because you "can wear it on St. Pattys"
6) The noise of the parade drowns out your screams
5) Watching your boss get a fine for public urination
4) The green food coloring that distracts your boss from the arsenic in his cream cheese
3) Next day discount on day-old soda bread/green crap at CVS
2) Stumbling into work at noon hungover the next day, and getting away with it.
1) No need to shower at all. On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone’s Irish!

-MM Sensitivity Trainer & Corporate Cog

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Diane Schubach said...

I love #6. That should be #1.