Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor People Like Harassment

Poor people love being harassed. That's why God invented telemarketers.

Not only are poor people being hounded to pay their late electric bill and the overdue balance on their H&M card, but now unknown companies with no purpose are calling me asking for money.

This number has called me 8 times since I woke up today: 201-918-4971.

According to 800Notes, there is a way to put yourself on the "Do Not Call List" by simply calling back and pressing 2. I, of course, did this, got a call back within 10 minutes, and was probably subsequently added to 500 other calling lists. Luckily, I found this handy guide to tormenting a telemarketer, but It doesn't hold a candle to the Seinfeld method.

One site even had a comment saying that they answered the phone when this number called and got an automated message encouraging them to pay a $1.97 fee and to enter their debit card number. That's where things are at right now. People are calling my phone to ask for $2.

Not in this economy! That's a whole slice of pizza in most towns.

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Namenlos said...

I feel it's important to state that poor people ARE telemarketers.
I had that job for one summer as no one would hire me (not even McDonalds).
It was barely minimum wage for a job where you knew almost every customer would spout abuse at you :(