Monday, April 13, 2009

Poor People Like Looting

I'm currently in the process of re-furnishing my living room on a budget of (preferably) $0. So far, I'll be spending $40 on a U-Haul van and some "moving sale" bargains on Craigslist (more on the beauty of Craigslist to come), so I'm already $40 over budget.

However, I was just reminded of the lost art of looting, which is apparently alive and well in the specific location of nowhere (Craigslist Brooklyn, to be vague). Whether this is pure satire or the return of good old fashioned riot looting, it's genius.

"Yo mannnn, lisen up. Riots bin up in my hood n peeps r goin crazee. Breaking glass, burnin cars n lootin stores. I gots me a truck and a few homeys and we sacked sum place bro…

I gots it up for sale here on CL. Check it out yo. Click me an email and I tells u where it’s @.

Don't be frontin no games yo. Ya b serious and bring cash."

Get it while it's HOT.


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