Sunday, May 25, 2008

Poor People Like Birthdays

Poor people like birthdays because it gives them an opportunity to get 3 things that they love; beer, cake and attention. I'd like to thank the employees here at PPLP for giving me balloons and cake for my birthday. "Balloons are the most visible way to say, 'we're too poor for real presents.'" It's also nice to find a box of cupcakes on your desk in the morning after Mindless Media decides to skip Monthly Cake Day on YOUR month.

Elizabeth Stolfi
Corporate Cog
Mindless Media
A Genericorp Company

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Brenda said...

I'm going to a birthday party today, but there won't be any cake! We'll have ice cream from a neighborhood ice cream stand. It will be a hot day, temperatures in the 90's and we'll sit in the park square in the shade. Everyone is expected to buy their own ice cream, which is amazing for a birthday party! I think my family just outdid your expectations for how to have a poor family birthday party!