Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday, Cubicle!

40 years ago today (er,yesterday), Bob Propst (an inventor who worked for Herman Miller, Inc.) invented the cubicle. Thanks a lot! While he may have done so with the best intentions, the cubicle has become a symbol of a disillusioned work-force, cramped into a 4x4 space not unlike the modern jail cell (except you don't have a lock).

How to celebrate your cubicle's special day? Here are some gift ideas that your 3 pieces of wall would love:
  • Shag carpeting
  • Vacation to LegoLand
  • Really big toaster cozy
  • Office Max gift cards
  • Simpsons desk calendar
  • A pebbles chair mat
  • Homemade Post-it storybooks
  • Wreath made of faxes
After bestowing such gifts onto your cubicle, maybe it will be nice and give you your soul back.

The PPLP Team
Mindless Media
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gowshika said...

Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.
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